Our line of machinery is very versatile and due to a high degree of automation, OJM offers a unique combination of efficiency, process management and quality targeted at industrial companies operating world-wide.

Our broad range of high-technology machinery consist of:

Multi-tasking machine
Mazak Integrex 400 IV
(Ø40 - Ø700)

Vertical milling machine
Mazak VTC 200
(1600 x 510 x 510)

Mazak Multiplex 6300 MSY
(Ø40 - Ø450)

Mazak HQR 200 MSY

Mazak QTN 250 MS
(Ø10 - Ø380)

Mazak QTN 350 MY
(Ø20 - Ø460)

EMAG horizontal VL 6
(Ø20 – Ø300)
20 units workpiece conveyor

Horizontal processing centre

Mazak HCN 6000 I

Mazak HCN 6000 II

Mazak HCN 6000 III

Mazak HCN 6000 IIII

Mazak HCN 6000 I-IIII are connected to palletech with 40 pallet stations.

Mazak HCN 6000 V - Horizontal

Automatic saw
Max. sawing diameter Ø500