Focus on the core of your business, and leave end-to-end supply chain for key components to OJM.

OJM is an innovative partner, who can help you optimise your supply chain, via a modular concept for key components.

Through many years, OJM has gained significant technical expertise within machining and processing of:

  • cast iron
  • steel
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • bronze
  • stainless steel

We are your end-to-end supplier and stockist of key components and subassemblies, including many additional operations, such as sanding, surface treatment, assembly and packaging.

Through partnerships with select sub-suppliers, we contribute to our customers’ competitiveness, for our mutual benefit.
All products can be delivered directly to our customer's assembly line or finished goods warehouse, or even directly to your customers. We are often involved in several phases from product development to logistic planning, and we know that our manufacturing knowledge can help drive cost out of your product during the development phase.

We have advanced 3D measuring equipment and know-how at our disposal for basically all GPS parameters. We are specialists in geometric measuring and can assist with everything from simple measuring to advanced analysis of the products, and even leak test.

We provide complete traceability and documentation of all processes, and all measurements are archived and can be delivered according to your own or industry standards.