We are dedicated to precision

We are dedicated to precision

Looking for a high-tech supplier with an uncompromising approach to quality? Let us turn your visions into reality. 
OJM is an order-producing company with customers all over the world. We solve complex challenges and provide machining to industrial products in all types of metals. We continuously invest in the latest technology, knowhow, and processes - and are therefore a state-of-the-art partner with a focus on maximum quality in all processes, from development and production to quality control and traceability. We believe in skills, technology, and precision.

Passion for production since 1946.

At OJM, we have always been concerned about the future. How we can leverage our knowledge and vast experience to develop new solutions. It all started with ladders in 1946, and since then, it's just gone up.

Looking for a job where you can live out your passion for precision? Maybe you should join our strong team.

At OJM, we do not compromise on quality. We have high standards and certificates that define our technical level.

When we claim to be a total supplier, we mean it. We innovate, produce, process, control, and delivers with a focus on even the smallest detail