Quality is all about performance

Dedicated quality management

Many companies talk about quality, but it is probably the few who go to work as dedicatedly as we do. We have procedures for everything and work systematically from the items that arrive at our factory until they are delivered to customers.

We work systematically with routines and KPIs - and carry out continuous input control, process control during production and final control before delivery.

When starting new products, VPC (Verification of Product Conformity) measurements are prepared that are stored in our SPC system, and we continuously implement these quality objectives

  • Ensure that the work is carried out so that there is no danger of accidents to either personnel, machines, or tools
  • Ensure that the organization knows and lives up to the set goals and policies
  • Ensure that delivery times are complied with, as well as the quality of the product and associated documentation comply with the requirements
  • Treat deviations systematically, efficiently and documented to learn from deviations - and at the same time prevent recurrences
  • Develop and adapt the employees' qualifications to the company's needs through targeted continuing education

To ensure that our customers constantly meet the latest standards and requirements, we are ISO certified. Both certificates can be downloaded below.

Explore quality certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We are also happy to share information about our efforts in customers' internal approval procedures. This can be requested by contacting our CEO / DIREKTØR Jan H. Jacobsen.

As eco-friendly as possible

At OJM, we are concerned about adding the least strain on climate and environment. We are very aware that we depend on nature's raw materials and energy - and has therefore adopted an environmental policy that ensures controlled environmental conditions and compliance with applicable environmental laws and requirements of the authorities.

We call it responsible production.

We continuously assess and update the environmental effects of all processes and all employees contribute and actively participate in the environmental work to ensure that our company takes full responsibility for the impacts the company's operations may have on the environment.

By providing the best conditions for both employees and the environment, we ensure a sustainable culture. We are proud of that.

Certified so you get the highest quality